Rescale of a Raster and adjust features of a shapefile

10-04-2016 02:04 AM
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Hi all,

I need a urgent help.

I rescaled a raster map and now I need to adjust a shapefile points to that new location of raster.

However I need a automatic formula (Phyton preferencially) to translate the features of this shapefile.

Thanks and best regards,

Francisco Gutierres

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Well this....

"need a automatic formula" is a bit difficult to imagine. How does the shapefile know where or how the image has been changed?

Have you looked at the spatial adjustment toolbar?

Not automatic, I know, but some things take a little effort.

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by rescale... do you mean you kept the extent the same and increased the cell size? If so, you will have to change the cell size in your world file... if you have one and slightly adjust the lower left corner position to account for any shift.  But as Neil says... this isnt an automatic thing and you may have to re-register your files using control points.  There must have bee some significant reason to rescale to a coarser cell when the obvious choice might be to use an alternate storage format and/or tile to smaller extents

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Dear Neil and Dan,

Thank you very much. I solve the situation applying the affine transformation in Phyton using the control points.

Best regards,


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