Imported excel sheet isn't formatting correctly

06-12-2017 03:39 PM
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I am currently trying to import an excel sheet into my ArcGIS Pro map. The first row of my excel sheet are the column titles, which are formatted correctly for arcgis (no spaces, using underscores, etc..) Once I import my excel sheet into the map the first row is not recognized as the field names, and the sheet adds 80 fields even though my dad only spans about 12 fields. I'm not sure how to either delete the blank/extra fields, or to correctly import the data so the empty fields aren't there to begin with. 

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You can copy the 12 fields into a new Excel sheet and save. Also ensure that the Field_Name doesn't start with a Number or any special character (except underscore).

In case the issue still persists, you could attach a sample excel sheet so that we can check the issue.

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