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09-16-2016 09:33 AM
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Hello, Everyone.

Still seeking the best why to share my 3D model created in Cityengine.

I want to know if anyone had the experience of sharing your 3D model in mobile app.

Is there any option to do this? Explorer for arcgis, arcgis mobile, collector?!

I wish I could share my 3D model (as a scene package layer, scene, basemap) and give the option for voluntary mapping. So I wish I could find a option where people could see the model and, at least, be able to create points or attributes associated with it.

Anyone has this experience?

Any input is more than welcome!



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Good morning Sheyla,

We do something similar all of the time.  We have a SCENE set up in with all of our 3D content created in ArcMap and Civil 3D.  Just yesterday we placed a 562-acre site with elevation changes of 525 feet(1120 at the low point and 1645 at the hight point).  So far everyone in the office has been in awe at the 3D data being viewed on their mobile phones/devices.  Have everyone access on their phones and they should be able to log in, if not make it public.  Copy the link and email or text it, stand by to be busy.


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Olá Sheyla

Export you Cityengine project to SLPK (Scene Layer Package) then create your 3D App on 3D Scene on or Portal for ArcGIS. 

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You could create a web scene with scene layers published from scene layers packages you generated in CityEngine. You can then use that web scene you created in Scene Viewer and publish it to a web app which can be displayed on desktop and mobile browsers. 

Check out these blogs

How to Publish Scene Layers in ArcGIS Online 

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