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01-23-2018 09:04 AM
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I am trying to run a CityEngine rule package in ArcPro using the "features from city engine rules" tool. I know the rule package works because I have used it before in CE. Now that I am trying to run it in ArcPro, I am getting an error message.  See image.  I am not a cga programmer and I am new to most of this.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Jay,

First question is do you have the source CGA? If not, then is the RPK locked? If the RPK is unlocked you can get the source. You'll need to put a change in the CGA using CityEngine.

Second question is what kind of geometry is your feature layer? What the error message is saying is you need to tell the RPK what kind of geometry it is expecting (this is not needed when run in CE). The only geometries supported for RPKs are Point, Polygon, and Multipatch. Polylines are not supported.

So if you have the source CGA, you'll need to add one of the annotations listed in your error message shown above. For Example, if your features are Polygon, then your start rule would need the @InPolygon added like below:

@StartRule @InPolygon

YourStartRuleName --> 

   extrude(123)   # extrudes polygon by 123 meters.

Can you post the RPK ?


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thanks for the response chris!  again, i am new to this, but is a .rpk file composed of compiled cga?  cga can be editing in a text editor but how do rpk files get edited?  anyway, my files are extruded polygons that i converted to multipatch.  i also made sure that my multipatch had the required attribute needed to run the rpk ("roofForm" = gable)


to see the rpk file i am trying to use click on this link:

also, are you aware of any rpk libraries, similar to the google sketchup 3d warehouse?

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