Calculate Elevation and Area from LIDAR data

12-21-2015 07:16 AM
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Hi I have the following datasets for an area:

1. LIDAR DTM (Digital Terrain Model)

2. LIDAR DSM (Digital Surface Model)

3. Building footprints polygons

I would like to calculate the following:

1. Maximum height of each building footprint

(by subtracting DTM from DSM)

2. Area of each individual section of a footprint

(by overlay the DSM over the building footprint and delineate the individual boundaries of a footprint

based on the LIDAR classification)

Any ideas whether 1) and 2) can be done using ArcGIS or any of its extensions (3D or Spatial Analyst)?


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Is the issue that you don't trust the building footprints (i.e. you want to re-delineate the buildings)? If not, you shouldn't have to do much with the "LiDAR" side of things, and you can move on subtracting the DSM and DTM rasters in conjunction with Extract by Mask​ (requires Spatial Analyst).

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Thanks for the suggestion using Spatial Analyst for deriving height from DSM and DTM.

The reason for delineating the building footprints is to obtain the area for each floor of the the building.

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Hello Rao,

Have you seen Geoff Taylor's blog on this at Create Floors from 3D Building Models?

Arthur Crawford