Make non-z-aware point feature classes z-aware?

09-15-2015 11:22 AM
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Is there any way to make a point feature class that is not z-aware, z-aware?

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Here's one way, but you have to make a copy of your feature class to do it:

Open the "Copy Features" tool in the "Data Management" toolbox. 

Select your original feature class as the input, and set the output feature class (this will be a new one).

Click the "Environments..." button at the bottom of the tool dialog.

Click the "down arrows" next to the "Z Values" on the environment settings page.

Under "Output has Z Values", select "Enabled".  Click OK to close the environment settings page.

Click OK on the Copy Features tool to copy the features.

The output feature class will be Z-Aware.   Note that you can also use the environment settings to set a default Z value, resolution, and tolerance on your new feature class if you want.

The same environment settings are also available from ArcMap's "Geoprocessing > Environments" menu, if you want them to apply globally, and not just to this specific tool.

This does not appear to work if you just copy/paste the feature class from the Catalog window; you need to run a tool like Copy Features.