3D object Viewing problem in Webscene

07-26-2018 11:08 PM
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I have created a 3d model for some buildings with elevation in shp (ArcGIS) format, although the buildings is clearly appeared in the CityEngine(see the attached file) but the problem when I export it to the WebScene the roof disappear and the some walls remain(see the attached file).

Although I have tried different export option but the problem still exist.

I really appreciate if you advice me to solve the problem

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Hello Haval

Thank you for your question.

The problem is, that in the imported shape has inverted face normals. In the WebScene the backfaces are culled.

To fix this problem, select the shapes and run the "Menu > Shapes > Cleanup Shapes..." tool with the setting "Conform Normals" enabled.

If there are still some faces in the wrong direction, select them and do "Menu > Shapes > Reverse Normals"

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks a lot for your replay it was really helpful when I applied it on solid that has been created with city engine tool (i.e. when I extruded the shapes using CityEngine tool), However, when I applied CityEngine-Rule to extrude the shapes the problem still exist.

please see the rule the I used to extrude the objects.

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