What are your thoughts on Pro as ‘Portable’ Globe from Portal & ArcGIS Online?

Poll created by hlzhang525 on Nov 15, 2014

Hello, dear all


What are your thoughts on Pro as ‘Portable’ Globe and Map to download all services from ArcGIS Server /Portal and ArcGIS Online, if needed?


Do you think if Pro will support the portion of Portal for ArcGIS Server /ArcGIS Online in the field, when no network access possible?


With ArcPad Data Manager, does ESRI have plan to enhance?


Or do you use Collector for ArcGIS for this purpose? How do you feel it, when combined with ArcPad (i.e., GPS-enabled for data collection; and then export for post-processing, when needed)?


any comments or advices?





Using a desktop /web interface, end users may select an area of interest to download all 'desired' services (feature services, image services, …) from a Portal for ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online for offline use on their laptop with the Portable Server application, which can be used in ArcPad, Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and/ or ArcGIS Explorer in the field.


Personally, those two products (ArcPad Data Manager, Collector for ArcGIS) show us something, but also something missing, when we are trying to use in operation…


Basically, it should look like a 'cutter' from Portal and Online, and then keep as portable server; and then can be used for all mobile app...Those 'cut' fucntions from those two products should be integrated in Pro as one ...

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