Positive feedback is always great when the other party is truly lisening

Blog Post created by s3tech on Jul 13, 2015

After putting out quite a concerning post about ArcGIS Pro and how it was going to stop working if you stop your maintenance, there was loads of feedback from other users, who agreed with my sentiment (https://community.esri.com/people/s3tech/blog/2015/04/24/arcgis-pro-is-this-the-start-of-a-revolt-against-esri). Today I updated that blog post with the great news that ESRI have listened to all of us and have firmly put the issue about on-going licensing of ArcGIS Pro, whether you have a maintenance agreement or not, to bed.


This short posting is simply to say that it really is appreciated when users put in their valuable opinions to blogs, forums, posts etc, however more useful is knowing that we are not just talking between ourselves. I am a critic of many software companies at times, however we should not forget to give praise when it is due, so thank you ESRI Rob Elkins and Jim McKinney for your input, feedback and the resolution of the licensing concerns that myself and others had for ArcGIS Pro.