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Arcade: Intersect feature layers and summarise related table fields

Question asked by cpoynter on May 7, 2020
Latest reply on May 15, 2020 by xander_bakker



I have looked at several Arcade related postings and trying to string together some code to perform the following operation:


1) Intersect a point feature layer with related table with regional polygon feature layer (LLS Layer is where the Arcade expression is being displayed in pop-up):


This portion works ok, but I may need to know the count of 'species sampled'. f.species is within the feature layer.


2) I wish to summarise records in the point feature layer related table:

   End result is pop-up will show:

  • region name [from feature layer]
  • f.species and count [from feature layer]
  • microbe name and the count of microbe (eg. above would be 'Pasteruella aerogenes: 4 samples') [related table]
  • Each test item and count (eg. 'Amikacin - Intermediate (3 samples)) [related table]
  • I will also need a decision tree if I have cases where I have a number of mixed samples intermediate/sensitive/resistant) [related table]


I am thinking I will need one common expression tailored for:

  • each microbe or
  • each microbe and each test item or
  • combinations or each


Advice greatly appreciated.