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Utility Network - Branch Versioning - Partial Posting

Question asked by jen@Corp.local_WNH on Nov 2, 2019
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Calling all UN & Branch Versioning enthusiasts!


Would you be able to help me find more information regarding the promise of "Partial Posting"? Any posts, links, descriptions, presentations... 


I've been able to find teasers to the functionality, but not any specific information with respect to how this is administered.



Versioning for Dummies (Pt. 5): Branch Versioning in Utility Network

   "Partial Posting Support — While not fully included out of the box, the new versioning model includes support for partners to build partial posting workflows — finally solving the holy grail of Esri version management. More on this in a future post."


We're in the discovery and planning phase of our move to the Utility Network, and this is a very significant piece to our workflow.


Thanks in advance!


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