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ArcExplorer on Android crash on attribute search

Question asked by fish1ric on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by fish1ric

One layer FGDB or Registered Oracle via ArcGIS 10.3 service with Query turned on get “Unfortunately, Explorer has stopped” when trying to query attribute fields (varchar2) multipoint data records when other point and polygon layers search OK. Same layer can be searched in ArcMap and via the REST query string to the service. It only crashes the ArcExplorer on the mobile device with the “Unfortunately, Explorer has stopped” message. I will attempt to publish a single point record by converting the multipoint with Arc tools to see if matters. This is read-only data, it maps correctly and seems good otherwise. What are the conditions that cause this message with Arc Explorer?

Had DBA add GLOBALID and re-index now working. Would be helpful if App didn't crash without some helpful message.