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Username field type doesn't work with Inbox

Question asked by andrew.moskalee@dec.ny.gov_nysdec on May 13, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

I have a Username field type followed by a note.  The 'name' of the Username field is  'user_nm'.  The note is named 'usernote' with a label that says "Username: ${user_nm}".  I'm using the android app.  when i select 'Collect' the usernote field displays a note correctly.  If i select Inbox and open up the survey from there the usernote field displays "Username:" and that is all.  It is just blank after the colon.


I am trying to get  the username to display properly so that I can try to create a "Where clause" for my inbox .  I have a field in my feature service that I populated with the usernames of the people that are assigned to each particular site.  None of the "where statements" that I have created work. I've tried using "Contains" statements and I've tried using "Like" statements and nothing works.  If I delete all other users in my "assigned_crew_userID" field, and just leave one username, then the where statement works correctly.  But I need each site to show up in multiple users inbox's. Currently, within the "assigned_crew_userID" field i have the usernames separated by a single space.


This post Help with Inbox?  explains more about my situation.  The two responses that I got were not very relevant.  Any help would be appreciated.