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Model Builder to Create Python Script for xls to csv Conversion

Question asked by mmartinez_cityofarcata on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Cimejes

I am currently trying to create a python script within model builder to convert an xls file to csv.

I created one already using the "Excel to Table" tool which was successful. However, I tried to add data to the xls file and run the script again and it choked on the "csv already exists". I tried adding "Application.DisplayAlerts = False" to overwrite the csv already existing, but it still choked when I tried to run it again.

My ultimate goal is to create a script I can set up in task scheduler to run on it's own everyday to convert an xls to csv, without using a script that requires macros to be enabled in the xls.

I am at the beginner beginner level when it comes to python script. Any help would be much appreciated!