Automate overwrite web layer, feature class

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I'm trying to automate an update process for one of my hosted features in portal. So far I have:

1. Solved the automatic download and adjustment of the file in question. (using powershell/task scheduler)

2. exportet the python code that runs the "Geocode Addresses" tool on my file, saves it in a file gdb. 

3. manually published the feature class with the "overwrite web layer" function. 


My challange is to automate step 3, and connect it to step 2. 


Please keep in mind that I'm completely new to scripting/python. 

I'm currently using ArcGIS Pro 2.1.0, and have admin rights on the portal. 


I have looked at thise sites, and think they describe partly how to solve my issue, I'm just not able to pick out the relevant parts and build a script that works for my particular problem..

community.esri.com "using python to overwrite a feature layer"

developers.arcgis.com python, overwriting feature layers

esri updating-your-hosted-feature-services-with-arcgis-pro-and-the-arcgis-api-for-python