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AWS S3 hosted Web AppBuilder app proxy question

Question asked by amurdoch_Dewberry on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by amurdoch_Dewberry

Is it possible to use AWS S3 to host a custom WAB site that automatically authenticates with a logged in AGOL account? I'm not sure how to set up a proxy in the AWS S3 environment (if it is even possible).


I'm afraid that S3 is only for "static" content, and the proxy would need to be running as a .NET, Java, or PHP app, correct? Is there any work around for this, or am I forced to use an AWS EC2-based web server, just to support the proxy requirement?


Ideally, I'd like to host a custom Web AppBuilder site on AWS S3, and allow authenticated AGOL users (who are currently logged in to AGOL) to automatically be granted access to the custom WAB site. Since these are cross-domain sites, the AGOL credentials don't automatically get passed to the WAB site on AWS S3.


The ultimate workflow is to have an AGOL-based story map with links to launch a custom WAB site (hosted elsewhere) and not require a second login (using SSO).


I've reviewed these other similar threads, but nothing exactly like what I'm trying to do with AWS S3.


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This thread seems to have a solution / walk through if I decide to use an EC2 virtual machine as a web server:
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I'd just rather avoid needing a "real" web server at all...