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Python Code Runs in PyCharm But No Output

Question asked by edw on Jan 6, 2018
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    Learning ArcGIS Pro (2.0), as well as the new API.  I have been able to get Jupyter Notebooks going and run the sample code from index | ArcGIS for Developers  .  I wanted to use PyCharm as an alternative IDE to Jupyter and I have it also running.  I was able to run this section of code (from the NYC Cab demonstration notebook ) in PyCharm successfully, as indicated that it can back with a code of 0 .


import arcgis
from arcgis.gis import GIS

ago_gis = GIS() # Connect to ArcGIS Online as an anonymous user
search_subset ="NYC_taxi_subset", item_type = "Feature Layer")
subset_item = search_subset[0]

subset_map ="New York, NY", zoomlevel=11)


subset_feature_layer = subset_item.layers[0]

# query the attribute information. Limit to first 5 rows.
query_result = subset_feature_layer.query(where = 'OBJECTID < 5',
                                          out_fields = "*",
                                          returnGeometry = False)

att_data_frame = query_result.df # get as a Pandas dataframe

However none of the maps were displayed nor the table, which gets loaded into the dataframe.  I have tried this code in a new Jupyter Notebook and the maps don't get displayed but the table does.  I'm wondering why the differences between the three IDE locations, in terms of the varying output.