Streamline Georeferencing Tools

Idea created by dirk27513 on Jan 27, 2012
    • cboat
    • milaslu
    • Richard.Howe
    • 1_van2web
    • dirk27513
    It would be nice if, when warping imagery in georeferencing tools, one could graphically manipulate GCPs after they are added in order to fine-tune them, rather than having to delete the point and add a new one.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to right-click in the link table and zoom to, flash, or otherwise highlight the location of the point in question, similar to functionality in other parts of the ArcMap interface.

    Lastly, if you could either resize the link table window to grab a screenshot, or better yet, output a report which shows all links, residual error and RMSE for the collection of points, this would be great since reporting the accuracy of your warp is important.