Layout Text Enhancements

Idea created by duri on Jun 27, 2011
    Layout text editing needs serious upgrade to meet professional standards.

    • Direct WYSIWYG text editing in the Layout
    • Special characters and symbols (non-breaking space, non-breaking hyphen...)
    • Active hyperlinks in the text body
    • Clear indication of text box overflow
    • Dynamic text drop-down list (choose from most used presets)

    • Tab and Paragraph formatting – indents and spacing (show formatting marks)
    • Partial text formatting – interactive paragraph and character formatting (no formatting tags)
    • Vertical alignment of the text in the text frame
    • Bulleted and numbered lists
    • Possibility to set different column's width (draw column margins), insert column breaks

    • Threading text frame – link text elements and allow text to flow
    • Direct conversion between various types of text elements (e.g. line text to text frame)
    • Paste text from Word as text element with formatting – not EMF picture

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