Add more options to the Add Raster to GeoPackage tool

Idea created by fridjof on Mar 26, 2020
    • fridjof

    It would be great to have some more options in the the AddRasterToGeoPackage tool in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro. At present, for example, it is impossible to control:

    • the number of bands in the GeoPackage output raster
    • the compression type (PNG, JPEG or other, as far as supported by the GeoPackage standard)
    • the compression level when using JPEG compression
    • the resampling method for building pyramids (nearest neighbour/bilinear/bicubic)
    • whether or not to create pyramids at all and up to which level

    To my knowledge, ArcGIS uses the GDAL library for converting the rasters. Therefore it should be possible to hand the available and applicable options on to the geoprocessing tools.