Layout View QOL Improvements

Idea created by flex_ama on Apr 25, 2019
    • flex_ama
    • shlousek

    In testing a workflow I have used for over a decade in ArcMap I found a severe limitation in ArcGIS Pro.  I maintain a large set of maps across a large territory.  To build the maps, a series of grid features are used.  Since I am converting each area into its own separate page I typically view and edit in layout view.  In ArcMap this allows me to move features, edit annotations, pan the map, and pan the layout all in one view.  Its a very streamlined experience.


    In Pro, this streamlined experience is not possible.  It seems you can only be in one editable context - either map or layout view.  While you can move the map in the layout view (by activating the map), it locks the layout itself (unable to pan).  Since I like to zoom in on the layout to make it easier to see the features and make edits, the full layout is not always visible in my work space.  This is why I pan the layout while editing annotation.  I can zoom in and out, and tile across a "map page" without changing map scale.  Now I would have to work a specific area with the map activated.  When I'm ready to move on to the next area I would now have to deactivate the map, pan the layout, then activate the map again.  To further add to the work - when you deactivate the map, the ribbon is set to the Insert tab, instead of the Layout tab.   This means you have to go back and click on Layout to get access to the Activate Map button.  You also have to keep switching to the Edit tab when switching to Map View. 


    The hotkey "C" still seems to work in Pro (allowing click and drag to pan), it would be great to be able to use the another hotkey to pan the layout while the map is activated such as using Shift-C to pan the map while in Layout view.  This avoids having to click around toolbars to activate things and select buttons.  This used to be possible in older versions of ArcMap (before 10.2).  Hotkeys allow efficient maneuvering through an application.  Pro requires way too much clicking through panes and toolbars to get around.


    This all leads to a ton of extra context changing and clicking around to do what was so simple in ArcMap.  It's almost at the point where I spend more time navigating Pro than navigating my data and performing edits. I'm sure this is an echo of the gripes with the change to a ribbon interface and limiting contextual environment.  When using ArcMap I had all the buttons/tools I commonly used all visible and usable from one omnipresent toolbar.  I'm smart enough to know what buttons I use most.  Pro seems to assume otherwise.


    • Please consider allowing map edits while in layout view and leave both map and layouts modifiable and pan-able. 
    • Use intelligent context switching (returning to previously selected tab in each context).  Or at least make this an advanced option.