Add Ability to lock a map frame on a layout to prevent zooming

Idea created by WarrenMedernach on Feb 4, 2019
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    I'm not sure if I've worded the title properly, but basically having an option to 'lock' the Map Frame view from zooming would be very useful.  Bookmarks can be used as a workaround for this, but not a solution, and having to goto the Activated Map Frame > Layout panel is painful as well.


    For example, I'm working in a Layout and activate a Map Frame, I want the Map Frame locked from zooming so the view cannot be changed, but I can zoom in and out on the map while working without it changing the actual Layout View.


    Not to compare Arc to AutoCAD, but AutoCAD does have a similar feature whereby, a Viewport can be locked and then when the Viewport is activated (Model Space), any zoom performed actually temporarily toggles to the Layout (Paper Space) to perform the zoom, and then re-activates the map frame (Model Space) when the navigation is completed.