Better Management of Markups Needed from Field to Office Workflows of Map Corrections

Idea created by ddoring_salem on Mar 12, 2019
    • ddoring_salem

    Our field crews rely on Explorer heavily. Currently, when crews find errors with the maps they will hand sketch on paper the correction and give to GIS staff for input. This creates a large "pile" of paper in the office to manage and prioritize. It has always been our goal to transition field crews from paper to markups in Explorer, but we have hesitated as we will only be replacing a physical "pile" for a digital one. There needs to be a systematic and encompassing way to manage markups back in the office that provides the benefits of GIS system. There are no tools in place to help office GIS staff manage these markups. A good start would be to filter markups by user on the map, rank markups by priority (important when there is a high volume of markups), be able to see a list of outstanding markups that still need to be reviewed (and conversely completed [a report]), and the pinnacle would be some way to notify GIS staff of inputted markups from field staff. Right now there is no real incentive to replace the paper workflows.