Add More Delimiter Options in Table Export Tools (i.e., pipe delimiter)

Idea created by AndrewsColeL on Feb 6, 2019
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    Submitted an enhancement request via support due to lack of ability to export table with a pipe delimiter in Pro. Suggestion was to also add here.


    There are several existing tools to export a table to a flat file .txt or .csv, such as copy rows, table to table, or export features rows to ASCII. The last option at least gives you the ability to choose comma, space, or semicolon delimiters. The first 2 tools default to commas with no configuration option. 


    ArcMap Roads and Highways has a tool 'Convert Table to CSV' that gives the delimiter options of pipe or comma. But, this extension is not yet available in Pro, nor should you need to purchase an extension just to choose a pipe delimiter.


    There is no consistency in delimiter options between these tools. Our organization needs to utilize pipe delimiters in an application that is receiving the table data. Please add delimiter options such as a pipe to one or all of the table export options, or allow a freeform text field for the user to enter the delimiter. Does not seem like too much development required if a tool already has comma, space, or semicolon options.