Allow Open Data API to return an Open Data item page URL

Idea created by CityofMoncton on Dec 14, 2018
    • CityofMoncton

    We have a corporate website (Drupal) with a search function that uses the ArcGIS API to return a list of items (datasets and PDF files) from our Open Data portal (hosted in AGOL).


    At the moment there are only two URLs we can send users to based on the API call results: 


    1. the URL of the item : example:




    2. the AGOL Landing Page of the item:


    It would be very helpful if the Open Data item page URL could also be called from the API. 



    This would allow users to be directed to the Open Data portal (rather than the AGOL page), where they can see a preview of the dataset or pdf. And makes for a friendlier experience for sharing the URL with others.