Groups - add filter for "update capability enabled"

Idea created by MHOOLE_governmentofbc on Dec 12, 2018
    Under Consideration

    Administrators would find it useful to be able to view a members groups by filtering on "update capability enabled".  When downgrading a member's User Type from "Creator" to "Viewer", I have to find and remove the user from all groups with the "update capability enabled" before I can change the user type to "Viewer".  Currently I have to open each group to determine if the group has the capability enabled.  It would be much easier to manage, if there was a filter to list only groups the member belongs to with "update capability enabled".  A complementary idea would be to have an option for AGO to remove the member from such groups automatically when attempting to downgrade user type to viewer i.e ask admin question "This member belongs to groups with update capability enabled.  Do you want to automatically remove them from said groups? Yes, No".