Improve SQL Expression Builder

Idea created by mdyke_stjohns on Nov 21, 2018
    • evtguy
    • Hornbydd
    • mdyke_stjohns

    The existing SQL expression builder in ArcGIS Pro is very ponderous to use, especially for people familiar with SQL. Building one expression takes multiple mouse clicks which slows down the process. Unfortunately the 'Edit SQL mode' does not list fields and functions as it did in previous versions of ArcGIS.


    Ms suggestions for improvements are:


    1. create an SQL expression builder similar to that which exists for the Label Class expression builder (and existed in previous versions of ArcGIS). It shows the fields that are available and some functions but the user is still free to type in the expression directly.
    2. if a layer or table is selected in the contents window then make that the target of the expression when the tool launches.
    3. enable select by attributes in a context menu on table windows and on layers and tables in the contents window.