Find - Linear Referencing Tool for ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by emiajseyer3 on Jul 18, 2018

    In ArcMap's Find tool (Binocular icon) there is a tab for linear referencing that is used to find measures on routes. It also allows to you to display point and linear events as graphics and label the measures. This doesn't appear to be in the ArcGIS Pro Location Referencing for Pipelines tool set and web event editor. Web event editor has a similar but very limited functionality for performing these functions. For example, web event editor can only find measures on the continuous network, the ArcMap tool can find measures on any route reference like continuous network or engineering network .  Many end-users on my team have been looking for this lacking functionality in ArcGIS Pro's Location Referencing for pipeline tool set. It's a very simple and practical tool to have when working in a linear reference information model.