Loop to Subworkflows inside a Workflow

Idea created by manthony@irea on May 17, 2017
    • manthony@irea

    Let’s say you have a Workflow L that fit into these guidelines:

    • Frequently used.
    • Important to group the components as one workflow.
    • Updated or changed frequent enough that flexibility is a must.

    What I believe would be truly useful is the ability to recall Workflow L, regardless if you are working in Workflow A, Workflow B, or Workflow C. 


    How this would work is that in Workflow B you get  to a step referencing Workflow L.  Once the user is done with Workflow L, a question could be asked of the user inquiring if they were in Workflow A, Workflow B or Workflow C.  That could recall back to the original workflow and inserted as a step after referencing Workflow L


    A real world example of this is let’s say Workflow L is referring to a repeatable landbase checklist that is required every time a user is posting construction updates into the database.  Once the user gets to the part in the Construction Workflow in which the landbase should be verified before completing the update, a step could be inserted referencing the Landbase Workflow.  Once the Landbase Workflow is completed, a question could be asked of the user asking which workflow they were working in, with the Construction Workflow being an option as a “3”.  That “3” could be called back in the Construction Workflow, right after the step of directing the user to the Landbase Workflow