Selecting multiple features in edit mode should, should result in  "overall" feature being selected

Idea created by LBFlevoland on Mar 30, 2017

    I am creating a new dataset. Every time I make 3 features. These 3 features have to have the same attribute (namely house number). So I select the 3 features and go to the attribute window. However, the attribute window selects only one of the features instead of highlighting the top record (sort of containing all 3 features). This is annoying. If you are not carefull only the attribute of 1 feature will be modified instead of all three features.


    I hope this makes the case clear enough and that more people have found this worth of attention.


    Below: Screenshot of arcgis in edit mode with 3 features selected. With only 1 feature selected (or highlighted) in attribute window


    screenshot of arcgis in edit mode with 3 features selected. However in the attribute window highlights only one of the features