Save/Persist table settings (field order, sorting) in Interactive Rematch window (geocoding review)

Idea created by azendel on Oct 20, 2016
    • jhead@lakeworth

    The fastest way for me to review imperfect geocode scores is to arrange the columns in a particular order and then sort on two columns.  This customization takes a considerable amount of time.  It's frustrating to see this time go down the toilet when I: 

    1) close and then reopen Interactive Rematch window

    2) click the 'Refresh Button'

    3) change the results set

    4) restart ArcMap.  Since ArcMap has the propensity to crash, restarting ArcMap is sometimes beyond my control.


    I just tried the Interactive Review panel in ArcGIS Pro.  Seriously lacking!, but that's for a different Idea/Topic.  I've read that Pro 1.4 is supposed to have a lot of "ArcMap equivalencies".  Lets hope that a feature rich Interactive Rematch window is included ... and that it persists column order and sorts.