One window pop-up for many features in ArcGIS Online

Idea created by SStolyarovesriuk-esridist Employee on Jul 26, 2016

    Currently, if you click on the map in ArcGIS Online, the pop-ups identify all the features which happen to be underneath the point you clicked. To view each feature identified you have to click on the arrows in the top right corner. This is ok if there are is a small number of features however it becomes tedious if you have quite a lot of them.


    My customer required their users to quickly view all the features and constraints underneath their planning applications. The planners want a quick summary in one windows view, in which they can scroll, and copy and paste the results quickly to Word or Notepad. There seem to be no out of the box way of doing this. The closest is the Query widget, but you can only run query on one layer at a time, customer has 60.


    There is a similar functionality done by Robert Scheitlin Identify Widget Version 2.11 -  02/08/2019

    You can configure multiple layers to be interrogated and the results are shown in one window:

    It would be great to bring this functionality to ArcGIS Online, either in update/addition to pop-up functionality, ability to query all layers in Query widget or a new widget like the Identify Widget by Robert.