ArcGIS Pro Tasks and Returning to Starting Point

Idea created by Jens_Dalsgaard on Jul 4, 2016
    • jkl006
    • Jens_Dalsgaard
    • padu@clemson.edu_Clemson

    At the Esri UC 2016 we got a glimpse of the ArcGIS Pro tasks - seems very promising. This likely will become the way to guide users through various editing / analyses processes.


    During the demo we saw how it was possible to alter visibility, selectability, snapping, etc. for the various steps of a task.


    I know end users quite well and believe many of them would prefer / expect visibility, selectability, snapping, ... to be as before activating a task once the task has finished. This apparently was not prioritized by Esri.


    I believe Esri should prioritize this allowing the returning to settings prior to task run.