Overwrite an existing web layer owned by someone else in your organization from ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by caroytct on Jul 17, 2015
    Privileges in ArcGIS Online should give more possibilities for data/map management like a way to "centralize" things that multiple users can update/manage. ArcGIS Online is good to share contents with other within the organization (for mapping), but it's lacking of functionalities for data. For instance, it's currently possible to "overwrite an hosted feature layers" that was added using ArcGIS Online. That can be done for web layer that you own, but you can also overwrite an existing web layer owned by someone else (if role of the other user is set to Administrator).

    Things that could be great:
    - In addition to each user "My Content", should have a "My Organization Content" available to all (or through privileges/groups)
    - Be able to overwrite content of another user from AGOL or ArcGIS Pro (through a My Organization Content or see other shared user folders/items)