Allow Rectangle Textbox to Grow/Shrink and Vertically Justify Text

Idea created by ADES_LMurray on Jan 9, 2015
    • ADES_LMurray
    • bnelson1985
    • rborchert
    • RRG03CS
    Allow the rectangle textbox to grow or shrink based on the text within the box.  When creating data driven pages, I sometimes add long text to describe the data in the map.  If I size the textbox for the longest text and the text shrinks for one of the maps, I'm left with a large blank space between the bottom of the text and the bottom border of the box.

    Also, within a rectangle textbox, allow me to control the vertical justification of the text.  Currently, it's only top justified.  I'd like the ability to make it center or bottom justifiy.

    Thank you.