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Real-World Problem: We need to make sure every waypoint in a search and rescue mission is spatially explicit for accountability purposes. Therefore, we stamp our data with US National Grid so that if information ever leaves our ArcGIS Platform, it carries the location/geometry with it. In the United States, US National Grid is a standard…
I am trying to calculate the time it would take for a search and rescue professional to walk an open field in a grid pattern. What would be the best way to go about this? Network Analyst? A walk time map seems to default to streets so that is not an option. Thanks. 
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The Web AppBuilder Team has done a fantastic job of supporting the US National Grid with the Grid Overlay, Grid Reference, Coordinate Conversion, etc. but this is a capability that needs to be pervasive throughout all apps.   Audience: All First Responders and Emergency Managers Problem: US National Grid is the official coordinate notation for…