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Lesson: Prepare for Search and Rescue Incidents | Learn ArcGIS 

After a few years of teaching how to deploy MapSAR Online, Alix Vezina‌ and I decided it was time to open up the no-cost training to a much wider audience. 

In this lesson, you'll create a web map to prepare data for search operations. Your map will contain static base data showing regional boundaries and key features, as well as editable layers that can be changed as an incident develops. Then, you'll use the map to create a web app that even non-GIS professionals can use. Finally, you'll use the app to track a fictional SAR mission.

We worked with the Learn ArcGIS team to produce a lesson that walks you through the following steps:

Create a mapCreate and configure a web map with base and incident data.30 minutes
Create an appCreate and configure a web app with tools to support search operations.1 hour 15 minutes
Map a search operationUse the app to map a fictitious search and rescue operation as it happens.1 hour 15 minutes

This will give a GIS professional a basic understanding of search and rescue OR a SAR professional a basic overview of how ArcGIS Online works. The app you create is using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS‌.

Here is an older video on how the app works (needs an update but will give you a general idea of the approach)

Introduction to MapSAR Online (for SARGIS) - YouTube 

We plan to do follow up blog posts on topics:

- Integration with ArcGIS Pro (including GitHub - dferguso/MapSAR_Pro: ArcGIS Pro template for Search and Rescue )

- Integration with Survey123 for ArcGIS

- Integration with SARTopo

- Archiving Incidents 

- Spatial Analysis

- +More

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