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I try to use Hadoop big data with ArcGIS Enterprise and GeoAnalytics (10.5.1). The environment is set to use Kerberos authentication to access the database. Is there anybody who can provide me any information how to connect to Hadoop with GeoAnalytics Server using Kerberos authentication?   Thanks for your help   Zakaria
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I have a problem with WebSockets being proxied with ARR and URL rewrite in Geoevent Server 10.6, I cannot subscribe to the stream services using Chrome, Firefox, but it works on Edge and IE. I had it working fine in 10.4.1 and 10.5.1, configured as described in Using IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) to proxy GeoEvent Stream Services. I… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Learn more about how the City of Chicago prepared for and successfully managed the 40th Bank of America Chicago Marathon using ArcGIS. This year's race included 45,000 runners and 1.7 million spectators.   “Chicago is a special event-driven city, and this is one of our biggest events of the year,” Thomas Sivak, deputy director of the OEMC said.… (Show more)
Does anyone uses GeoAnalytics. When use GeoAnalytics tools, I got a warning "Write failures may occur because the number of potential concurrent writers is much larger than the number of nodes in the data store". How to fix it?
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I'm running into an issue with trying to setup the spatiotemporal arcgis data store on an Amazon EC2 instance.  Currently I have two servers setup; one with a base deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise (with ArcGIS Server federated with Portal), and a second with ArcGIS Server licensed as a Geoanalytics Server.  Federating the Geoanalytics server with… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
In Additional server deployment—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise , it states that: "When configuring a spatiotemporal big data store, it is recommended that system architects plan a data storage ring consisting of at least three machines", along with the image that is attached.   I don't see anything that indicates that I can create a Data Store… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS