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I have a feature class in a file geodatabase, that I would like to use as a template to create a new feature class in a Spatiotemporal data store and publish a feature service in Portal using this feature class.   If I use the 'Copy to Data Store' tool from GeoAnalytics Tools, this fails as the feature class is empty.  If I create a 'dummy'… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Hello community,   we're working with GeoEvent Server 10.8 and currently testing StreamServices. We have one incident at publishing StreamServices regarding to used connection parameter. It's only works with the default admin connection. If we use another admin-connection it doesn't work. So we have trouble with content structure in Portal.  … (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I am running some statistical analysis on a large amount of data on my own computer and need to figure out a method to make this run quicker.  4-5 days for one run is ridiculous.  I already have a Google Cloud GPU server for my python code.  Can this be utilized for ArcMaps?  I would think I would have to install ArcMaps on the server first and… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Click to view contentThis document will walk you through how to summarize point counts within polygons using GeoEvent.  In this example, I will demonstrate how to summarize the number of crimes within each NYPD precinct.  I have a feature service that is being updated with crimes, and another feature service of the NYPD precincts.  The NYPD precincts feature service…
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I am getting the following error in GeoEvent Server after restarting the geoevent gateway. My input connectors are receiving events, but my geoevent services are doing nothing. how do I fix this.   "Error sending message to Kafka destination (bd5e94f5-db41-4e23-8c94-79b57c68b637) This server is not the leader for that topic-partition."
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Hello - Is there anyone out there doing any sort of predictive analysis with member data, customer data, client data to give more granular (census block groups) insights? This is a great resource COVID-19 Resources , but just wanted to see if anyone else is doing any sort of analysis?   My thought for our member data was, we could potentially use… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I am trying to write output JSON files from geoevent to an Azure Blob Storage for Analysis and ELT outside of the ESRI world. I was able to register my ADLS container as a "Big Data Store" with the server behind geoevent, but it is not avaliable to geoevent. Additionally, I have not had any luck trying to set up a custom connector with Oauth… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Hey,   I am trying to just Create a Datasource in the Spatiotemporal Big Data Store via GeoEvent Server.   For testing purpose the GeoEvent Definition is a simple one with just a track_id, name and geometry. With the default configuration options I am always getting the following error message:   Data source "NAME_OF_GEOEVENT_DEFINITION" cannot… (Show more)
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