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.NET and the Esri JavaScript API

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Click to view contentHello everyone, I am having issues adjusting an ESRI example script (see the image below and the link below) in the way, that after the user clicks on one of the census tracts the related feature (census tract) would be highlighted but no popup would be shown.     Popup opens when view.goTo() is called:… (Show more)
So I have a program where I create the following variables: var point = new Point(); var markerSymbol = new PictureMarkerSymbol();  var graphic = new Graphic(point, markerSymbol);   I am able to display this new graphic on my map no problem anywhere I want but is it possible to make a click event on my graphic that will display an information… (Show more)
Hi all. I currently have a requirement to pass location data from an arc GIS map running in an MVC application to a downstream system via a service. The service requires the street type to be in the format specified by the AS 4590-2006 standard.    Which is fine. I just need to a do a lookup before sending the message to the service but I don't… (Show more)
Zoom functionality with expand is not working on first time. After second click , it zooms to the extent correctly. below is my code. public zoomToFeature() { let extent = this.getExtent(); if (extent) { extent.spatialReference = this.module.currentMapView.extent.spatialReference; extent = extent.expand(1.25);… (Show more)
Hi there! I am using VB.NET and Visual Studio 2017. I have three fields, MOTTLES, RCL, AND SEEPAGE, that all have domains with two values in them - absent and present. I want to read these values, and set fields that correspond to these categories as a default 'absent'. I've had some luck with setting a numerical default value, but am unsure how… (Show more)
Async functions don't start when there are some simultaneously running .Net arcgisruntime app.   I have two .Net ARCGISRuntime 10.2.7  apps running as COM objects. The first one shows map, and uses some services.  Second one  (called GISOperations) works only with services, and shows nothing.   They work fine when each of them running alone. … (Show more)
Hi, I want to implement a GIS based three Tier application. I prefer ASP.Net with C# (MVC).   Can anyone guide me how to start with? I could not find any example where one can start ASP.Net (MVC). Or how to add ArcGIS maps into an ASP.Net web site.  I have downloaded .Net runtime but it does not show any ArcsGIS map when I select ASP.Net C# Web… (Show more)
The legend attached with Print Service result (A4 Portrait PDF/Image) doesn't  contain the Raster Layer name But it works for vector Layers (Please find the attached image for reference). The same functionality can be achived by using Arc Desktop Please find the fowling link for your reference,… (Show more)
I am working on the esri app. I have implemented functionality for polygon, circle, search address, APN search, Measure Parcel on 4.8 js version and these functionality are working fine. Now I need to integrate widget measurement ( ) and it is build on 3.27 version. I tired to… (Show more)