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Oct 18 - It has been only a week since we launched the Hurricane Maria Mapping Project and your response has been … amazing!  Altogether, over 22,000 building damage interpretations have been contributed since October 11, and the numbers keep growing! In this week, more than 160 teams and individuals have joined.   Interpreting damage through… (Show more)
The lunchroom of Washington High School (St.Paul, MN) buzzed on Saturday with 175 teachers drawn together by a common vision. This annual "GEOFEST" of the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education included veteran teachers from before the dawn of MAGE in 1987 to a few dozen pre-service teachers. Thirty-plus-year vets to energetic young stars… (Show more)
I would like to use the ESRI logo "the Concept of Layers ESRI" for publicity for GIS Day, but I need express permission by ESRI or my university won't let me use it.  How can I get permission to use it? 
GIS aids exploring complex situations and solving problems. Countless industry leaders, front-line analysts, behind-the-scenes developers, and in-the-trenches workers rely on it, for simple daily tasks on up to the biggest challenges. They seldom have step-by-step instruction, especially when venturing into new realms. They puzzle and explore,… (Show more)
GIS Day is drawing near!  This year, it will be held on 15 November 2017.  I wanted to share 6 things about GIS Day with you.   What is GIS Day?  The theme of GIS Day is "Discovering the World Through GIS".  GIS Day provides an international forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world applications… (Show more)
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Get Ready, Get Excited, for GIS Day!   Get ready, get excited for GIS Day!