Make an offline map with ArcGIS Pro 2.1

Blog Post created by KDonia-esristaff Employee on Jan 22, 2018

We often get asked for details on creating offline maps for use in Explorer for ArcGIS. Mark Bockenhauer has put together a great two-part blog that goes through each step: from downloading a dataset to working offline in Explorer.


Part 1 includes:

  • An introduction to the ArcGIS Pro project (available for download) that you'll make into an offline map. 
  • Creating a vector tile basemap (VTPK) that your offline map will use as the basemap.
  • Setting up your VTPK as the basemap of your offline map.
  • Including search and bookmarks.


Part 2 continues with:

  • Customizing the information shown for your feature's pop-ups.
  • Creating a mobile map package (MMPK) - which includes your VTPK - and that can be download in Explorer.
  • Sharing the MMPK
  • Trying out your map offline in Explorer.


I'd like to bring this content into the official Explorer help, so if you have feedback, that will help with the next steps for this content. Did his blog help you make your first MMPK? What could be more clear? Where did you get stuck, or was there something that you really loved or appreciated in it?