Explorer for ArcGIS (iOS) v17.1.1 released

Blog Post created by jshaner-esristaff Employee on Aug 1, 2017

After receiving considerable feedback from the 17.1.0 release, we have updated Explorer for ArcGIS on the iOS platform with a strategic bug fix update. Thank you very much for all that have participated in the Test Flight beta for this update. You can now install the final, released version directly from the Apple App Store.


This update includes the following:

  • BUG-000106474—Can't see sublayers in the Layers list, or toggle sublayer visibility.
  • BUG-000106478, BUG-000106507—Hyperlinks appear as text and URLs aren't clickable in the pop-up.
  • BUG-000106475—Feature search fails when searching sublayers.
  • BUG-000106698—Map search settings aren't honored, including disabling search in the app if Find Locations is disabled in the map.
  • Improved performance when searching, identifying, and dropping pins on the map.
  • Search results should list features before places.
  • Improve sorting of maps in the Maps browse screen: sorting by title shouldn't be case sensitive, sorting by date shouldn't put oldest maps first.
  • IWA Portals aren't being remembered in the list of recent portals.
  • Support deep linking to Box with box:// and boxapp:// schemas.


We have started work on the 17.1.2 release as well, with intention to bring a number of additional fixes and strategic updates very soon. The current proposed list of updates includes the following:

  • BUG-000106480—Pop-ups for map services are not consistently displaying values when the field alias is different from the field name. 
    Note: We tried to get a fix for this into 17.1.1, but could only get a partial fix for map services hosted on ArcGIS Server 10.5 or later, and we didn't have a fix for earlier versions of ArcGIS Server. We have decided to wait and make sure we fix this properly, which unfortunately will take a bit longer. In the meantime, you can try one of the following workarounds:
  • BUG-000106721—Maps with uploaded shapefiles that contain a z-value don't load
  • Correctly format dates and coded value domains in pop-ups when the field name and alias don't match.
  • Certain layers not displaying and instead showing an exclamation mark beside the layer in the Layers list.
  • Support attachments on map services. 
    Current Workaround: Add the feature service to the map instead of the map service.
  • Improve the speed maps open
  • Preserve the last open map when working without signing in
  • Support using multiple fields in custom attribute displays
  • Honor scale visibility when identifying

NOTE: The 17.1.2 list is tentative and may change as we get closer to release.




Explorer Team