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I am attempting to update a hosted feature layer via a zip file containing amended shape files. Whilst the update runs correctly the result is that the features are just duplicated rather than actually amended at all?   Any suggestions as to why this happens? Fundamentally I want one hosted feature layer that I can update often without the need… (Show more)
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Hi I have a background as an application developer and my weapon of choice is  c# .net. Im very inexperiencedin the  GIS world. One of my first tasks is to create a tools that will search, update and insert a featureclass. For now Im just trying to get started. Can any one point me in a direction for some turtorials or training in ArcObjects?  … (Show more)
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Hello, I am just getting started using ArcMap and my screen almost never refreshes properly.   If I make any changes, zoom in or out, pan, etc. the map doesn't update. The only thing that gets it to update is to use the hand tool and wiggle the map slightly and suddenly everything's updated.   The same happens when hitting the redraw button… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIs anyone else getting this error message when trying to open any training videos in Chrome? I can copy the link and open them in Edge or I.E. but get a "Request Header Or Cookie Too Large". Is that from my organization end or ESRI's?
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Since upgrading from the trial AGOL to a Creator license, any shapefile I upload leads to a "data error" when accessing the data table on the hosted features layer. I've tried with shapefiles from different sources with different data types and of different sizes. The error is consistent. The hosted layer feature will be "created" and have x… (Show more)
in Esri Training
Hello! I try to do web course "Python for Everyone" and have a problem on the step "Exercise: Run Python scripts". I can't finish "Step 4: Run a script in PyCharm", because I get an error "ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 не является приложением Win32". If translate "ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application". Please,… (Show more)
in Esri Training
I am having difficulty adding a custom widget (popup panel) to my application on web app builder on my arcgis online account. I am following steps I have found online but I am coming up unsuccessful. Anyone have and tips on how this is done? I haven't been able to find any concrete step by step instructions.  Thank you!
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Questions about aerial imagery in ArcGIS Pro. I am analyzing vegetation patch shapes in small riparian corridors in the Rocky Mtns. UTM NAD83 with the appropriate zone works well for ha and distances, but available maps that I can project or transform correctly do not have fine enough resolution - e.g. NAIP 2018, 0.6 m resolution. It appears to me… (Show more)
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FYI, select technical sessions from the esri 2019 UC are now available online   2019 Esri UC Technical Workshops     Enjoy,
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