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Dear all,   do you plan some Bootcamp or instructor led training for Deep Learning in ArcGIS pro or Python API. Or at least any MOOC for this subject?   Thank you.   Regards,   Vladimir
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This 3-day course focuses on the ArcGIS Platform’s Mapping & Visualization pattern of use.  Students will learn workflows and best practices for creating effective visualizations. Topics extend beyond traditional cartography, and include options about how to make web maps, 3D scenes, animations, temporal visualizations and non-spatial charts as…
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Goodmorning everyone. I'm new to this site and I'm not sure if I'm using the right section to write my questions. I would like to know if 1) Inserting a topology in a model builder, is necessary to insert every rule at a time with the command "Add Rule to topology"? 2) By using the "Add Rule" command is it possible to modify the parameters? 3) The… (Show more)
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What are the main differences between these tools and which would be the most recommended for the field of hydrology? and why?
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Click to view contentUpdate on December 6, 2019: Yesterday's live training seminar was recorded and is available at the same link below. The recording will be available to everyone interested in the topic until January 4, 2020. After that, all customers with a current maintenance subscription may access the seminar at any time.   If your job involves regularly… (Show more)
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How can I create a polygon feature that simply covers the entire world?   I've tried the standard create features, but drawing anything outside the borders of the world will result in an error, saying that the feature can't be outside the extent.
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I'm currently in the Do-It-Yourself GeoApps class.  Lesson 3 has us create a survey using Survey123 online.  Several of us have come across the same issue with the response to multiple choice questions.  Using the online survey builder, all responses are listed as comma separated values within a single field for each respondent.  What we want to… (Show more)
Click to view contentThe difference between relates (often called table relates) and relationship classes is a source of much confusion, especially for new ArcGIS users. Though they sound similar, the terms refer to different things. Both have benefits and there are reasons to use each one. Here are the main things to know.   A relate exists in a map or layer file.… (Show more)
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FYI, links to the latest introductory technical workshop videos from the Esri UC 2019 conference, related to the ArcGIS Field Apps in the ArcGIS Platform, are available online.     1. ArcGIS Apps for the Field: An Introduction 2. Workforce for ArcGIS: An Introduction 3. Collector for ArcGIS: An Introduction 4. Survey123 for ArcGIS: An… (Show more)
Hi all,    I'm trying to download Survey123-Connect through my ArcGIS Personal License and i'm running into an error saying i don't have a valid organizational account. I know the personal license includes a subscription to arcgis online but does it not include the ability to administer a survey. I was hoping I could create some project surveys… (Show more)
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