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  Is it possible to add the ability to print out reports in Crowdsource Manager? Like a print widget in which the end-user can print reports.    Also, is it possible for the end-user to directly delete or remove old reports from Crowdsource Manager?    Any help will be appreciated!    
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I am using Citizen Reporter for our community. The link can be found here: . I have 4 maps and I can make changes to any of them, except this week I can no longer add items to the Blight Problems map. I get the following error: "Values… (Show more)
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First, I should say to Allison Muise that the September 2016 update to Crowdsource Manager looks fantastic! - the ability to add a related record works seamlessly - very much appreciated.     The application now nearly covers every functionality my client is asking of it - however there's one last hangup. The Search Tool seems to be greyed-out… (Show more)
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Hello,   Does crowdsource manager included or how to set up attachment? I would like to set it up for internal or employees to add any photos or documents to attachment in crowdsource manager just like crowdsource reporter. Please advise.   Thank you!    crowdsource reporter and manager crowdsource manager attachment local govenment crowdsource… (Show more)
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Is there a way to require input of certain fields, like a name and/or email field, in a crowdsource reporter app (hosted in ArcGIS Online)   For example, this app:  How do I force users to put in anything in the Name box?   Another… (Show more)
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When I use search to locate and zoom to an address the marker icon blocks my ability to click on an existing feature at that same location. Is there a way to easily clear the marker?    I am unable to click on the pink dot because the pin marker is in the way. The only way I have found to remove it is to click on submit report and drop a point.… (Show more)
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Are there any examples of public websites where CrowdSource Reporter is being used effectively?
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