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Hello!   I need to use abbreviation about street names which are compound words like "Niittytie", "Kutomopolku" and "Kuusikuja". How to use when I have about 1000 diffrent names which need to shorten?   Niittytie has ending "tie" -> Niittyt. Kutomopolku has ending "polku" -> Kutomopl. Kuusikuja has ending "kuja" -> Kuusikj.   I have read… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Is there a document somewhere that lists each of the ArcGIS Pro color ramps by name and their respective hexadecimal values?   For example, the 'Basic Random' ramp: 58A9CC DEEB68 CE5CF3 .... E9DA9A
in Cartography and Maps
This has to be a dumb question but I can't figure it out. I have lines on a map at 1 point thick (ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1). Pic: (you can see the scale at roughly 1:9,000)   But when I zoom in, they don't change based on scale anymore. It kind of acts like layout view versus data view: (scale is 1:3,700)   And zoomed again: (scale 1:1,500)  … (Show more)
Hi All,   I want to display(represent) the polygon feature as point, only if area is less than a particular value. How to achieve it?
in Cartography and Maps
hello, i recently followed all the instructions to publish a shapefile in geoserver ..however  it does not publish. it gives me the icon to the side as seen in the attached image which does not correspond to the point feature shapefile of which it is intended to be.    any advice?
in Cartography and Maps
How can I share a .style so that the same symbology can be used by others in my organization (Desktop 10.7.1)? 
in Cartography and Maps
I have been in searching of a website that was done by somebody from ESRI that wrote about...if I remember was in either on the ArcGIS Mapping Center or in the ESRI Technical support article....   There was an article that an author from ESRI wrote about an examples of colors of Labels or font on over a satellite imagery in the… (Show more)
hi i have an interesting problem. I have polygon shp file with 2 column named Lcode and Kcode. I want to merge similar value, open attribute table then chose "use select by attribute" (Lcode=23001 and kcode=9650) But it is very lot of time. How do I do it automatically? Please see a attached picture.
in Cartography and Maps
Hi all,   I have encountered a slight problem that someone may be able to help me with. I am trying to add pictures onto my map to illustrate the views from certain locations. when i go to insert a picture that has been taken in portrait its the wrong way round. when i try to rotate it rotates the box but not the image.    I have attached an… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I need to create a custom basemap for use in AGO. It needs to be highly stylized, and I've gotten pretty good with ArcGIS Pro so I created my map there.    Data: This is a basemap that I will eventually need to use again, for multiple clients (i.e. multiple municipalities) over a significant span of time. To address that issue, I pulled all of my… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
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