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Click to view contentI'm experimenting with gradient strokes for area boundaries following John Nelson's guide (Boundary Dropshadow Mega-Hack ) and while everything looks great in ArcGIS Pro, the output (this is for a print publication) is unusable. Here's what the boundary looks like in ArcGIS Pro:     Here's what the boundary looks like in a PDF file (viewed at… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I am trying to export a large map 174in x 96in from ArcMap. The map is really big so when I set this custom format from Print Properties and try to export the map I get the message: "ArcGIS Desktop has encountered a serious application error" and the application being closed. Why this happening and how to solve this problem? I just want to export… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
hi all,  i created a SLD file of a line shapefile inside of geoserver. it keeps disappearing every time i zoom in in my interactive web map page. I speculate that there is a minZoom tag i need to put in.   here is the code :   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><sld:StyledLayerDescriptor xmlns=""… (Show more)
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Click to view contentIs it possible to label linear features with text where the words can be spread out, but do not bend. The "regular" option doesn't bend words, but you can't spread them. In the example below, I'd like "Big" to be straight and "Pine" to be straight. I am using the 'Streets' option.  I swear I have been able to do this in the past. I am using… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Click to view contentHi,  I am trying to export a map in Pashto language. When I export the map as Image it shows the font correctly but it's not working in case of PDF. I have also tried the option of embedding font while exporting the document.   I am using Adobe Arabic font, please share if there is any solution to this problem.    Below is the screenshot for… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I need to create one only shapefile with associated attribute values which define the color of the fill and change over time. I have a CSV table with dates and values (these are Chlorophyll monthly mean values). I want to associate a color to each Chlo value and show how the bay water quality changes every month by having the color of the shp… (Show more)
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When you have a callout box with a label text, the text fills in the box perfectly.  However if you are using map series in the layout view and the data frame is rotated to the orientation of the individual pages, such as with the strip maps.  The text shifts out of the callout box where the greater the rotation of the page the farther offset the… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
I have created a route events point field based on a table.     When using version 10.2 on a previous computer, the route events would update when the values in the table were changed.  You would change the value in the table then refresh the map view, and the point would update.     I am currently using version 10.6 and this is not happening. … (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
Click to view contentHow can I ensure that polygon labels are roughly centered over the visible portion of the polygon? In this example, the OH and PA labels are positioned nicely, but the NY label is almost at the edge of its polygon - I would like it to be more centered.  I have seen many instances of this problem.   I'm using ArcMap 10.3 with Maplex label engine… (Show more)
in Cartography and Maps
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