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I am trying to establish a threshold (2 values) on a raster image. Values are between 1000 and 4000. How can I write python syntax to do that. Here is an example of what I tried...   inraster_threshold = inraster >=1000 and <=4000 inraster_threshold = inraster >=1000<=4000   both did come out with syntax errors and I can't find the "and" way of… (Show more)
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As a new member of the ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server team, I'm excited to introduce to you our "What's New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 blog"!   GeoAnalytics has three new distributed processing tools - learn how to leverage these to make the most out of your big data!   Check out the blog to learn more: What’s new in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6: Geocode… (Show more)
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Need Help.   I have a 7 mile long project area in which the company we are doing the work for will not send me their digital CADD some lucky person (me) has to georeference 19 design plan sheets in ArcMap. However, when I move onto the second sheet, the first one snaps off to the side making overlapping them a bit difficult. I didn't… (Show more)
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Geoanalytices Server of ArcGIS 10.5 prerelease when I register Big Data File Share,I offen have the problem:"An error has occurred while generating the big data file share manifest" and the logs write: Error executing tool. GenerateManifest Job ID: jd1493492bc3e4340aeb383990daa2757 : {"messageCode":"BD_101030","message":"Failed to execute… (Show more)
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New user to ArcMap, so sorry if I am asking redundant questions. I have a very large map I have compiled, and I am curious as to how I go about exporting multiple areas of data.   Some of the areas have features that extend into adjacent areas, some areas are completely empty for example. The areas that I want to export have been brought in via a… (Show more)
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Hey. I need to use ArcGIS to make a raster map. So I want to know, how can I convert pointdata in tableform to rasterdata, and how can I change the grid size?. I need to use very large grid. Maybe between 30-50 km resolution. Is it possible to use that large grids? Thank you for your help! Hope to hear from you soon. 
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