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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Hi All   I have an HTML file and I have embedded a map service or an esri map to it. When I run this html file, I can see the embedded map and I can draw polygons on that map. I also need to get the coordinates of the vertices of the polygon. How can I do that using JavaScript an REST API or any API? Please help.
Hi, In our mxd Dokument we use the Webdings Font Latin-1 Supplement Character 128 (Mens symbol) for the Labeling with a Python Expresssion. <FNT name='Webdings' size='42'>" + u'€' + "</FNT>" Everthing is fine in ArcMap with Windows 10 Desktop. But when publishing to a Linux AGS the Label does not work. We trying also: + u'\u0080' + +… (Show more)
Hi, I m trying to upload a csv file and plot it on arcgis map. For that i am using CSVLayer . This is my code var ly = new CSVLayer({ url:"url-to-csvfile" })   For this url i am hitting a backend service which is returning a encoded csv file and above code generating error "unable to identify latitudefield and/or longitudefield from csv"  … (Show more)
hi, how to upload a csv file on arcgis map in arcgis js 4.10 i want to upload the file from local system
From sample provided here I would like to login using a specific login/password embedded in my javascript code without any login dialog (login will be transparent to user). Any idea how to customized the JS code from this sample to achieve this objective ?   sample using login dialog (from ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox ):   <script>   var… (Show more)
For the past few weeks I have been facing an issue with ArcGIS server access through http protocol. The browser was converting to https and the server was refusing. I tried something offered through online support and by mistake ended up setting server security to HTTP ONLY. Now I am not able to access the ArcGIS server administrator. Is there a… (Show more)
Hello ESRI Team,   I have a question regarding the datastore 10.6.1 with ArcGIS server 10.6.1.   The below is full information about my issue:   I have two machines one for server and another one for data store when I configure it with machine name and the common name I faced the below issue with red indicator:   << the connection property set… (Show more)
    We are using rest services (NA Services)  to Solve Route  , As we know there is no built in functionality to find Alternate Route , we achieve this by using a logic i.e the initial route we get after solving route we pass that same with added cost as line cost restriction so we get alternate route      But due to some reason we have moved to… (Show more)
Hi, I am trying to generate a token via a java web app. It works on some servers, but on others I get a response that I don't expect (happens via the app and when posting directly in a browser:   Request looks like this:   http://localhost:6080/arcgis/admin/generateToken?username=myuser&password=mypwd&f=json&client=requestip or this:… (Show more)
i have a problem with arcgis server. publish a service but no view of map in browser.
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