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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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I am making token requests to the REST API on a Portal instance.  What I notice is that the code succeeds in Chrome and Firefox, but only works in Edge occasionaly.  Has anyone seen this behavior?       private portalUrl = environment.portal_url; private authUrl = '/sharing/rest/oauth2/authorize'; private tokenUrl =… (Show more)
Dear Sir,                       I was using the Gibco basemap with the url: ""   as my basemap in our applciation which is developed using "ArcGIS api for javascript ".But now i am not able to view the basemap. But,when i view the service in arcgis online i… (Show more)
I have developed a simple python tool as follows: Then I published on ArcGIS server (User Defined mode for input data) and opened on ArcGIS Desktop:   When I run the geo-processing service (second fig) on desktop, with the same input data that I run on the python tool (first fig), it runs without any error but I cannot get any result.     I… (Show more)
Does anyone know if I I can license ArcGIS Server via # of cores only, and not mess with all the named user nonsense related to portal and the rest of ArcGIS Enterprise? 
I need to upload file to Geoprocessing service and then get ItemID of uploaded file.  As i use ArcGis JS Api 4.7 my code is following :   let formdata = new FormData(); formdata.append("file", filedata); let url = 'https://server/gis/rest/services/utils/ExcelToTable/GPServer/uploads/upload'; let options: __esri.requestEsriRequestOptions = {… (Show more)
We have an old js application ( ) built from an ESRI template (can't remember which one, it's pretty old)  The locator we wired up got retired, and we need to put in a new one.  Simple, mostly.  However there are some additional parameters in the Config.js code that I can't quite crack. Here's the locator we are… (Show more)
Hello, I'm having a trouble adding the description to one of the map service, and seeking for some help. What I mean by the description is that, as I posted the image above, There are "Service Description" on the top, and right below the "Layers", there is "Description". The "Description" below the "Layers" is what I'm referring to. No… (Show more)
setDefinitionExpression is including the resultOffset and resultRecordCount parameters that are causing the service query to return No records found.  If I make the same query without these parameters it returns records.   How can I eliminate these parameters from being added to the query when I set the definition expression?  or How can I get… (Show more)
My web app will (hopefully) use dynamic layers with symbols that are rendered dynamically, based on a user chosen attribute.  So far I am doing this by defining a UniqueValueRenderer, then passing these properties to a layer with LayerDrawingOptions.  My work so far is loosely based on this example.   I periodically add new layers to the map and… (Show more)
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