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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Click to view contentDisplaying DWG file over the ArcGIS JS map viewer     We have an ArcGIS java script web application. We need to add a functionality to allow the user to upload the Drawing file (DWG) from the client browser and Zoom into the drawing file location and display the drawing. It should be on the fly and it should maintain the symbology.     For… (Show more)
Hi,   I would like to use the FeatureServer of current Hurricanes to display the information in one single Layer. This means represent the observed Track (Line), observed Position (Point), forcasted Track (Line), forcasted Positions (Point) and Error Cone (Polygon) in once. With a MapServer this is possibale, by… (Show more)
Hi, Does anyone know why the coordinates output from view.toMap are incorrect in the east hemisphere? I simplified the code to be the following. You run it and click the map anywhere and you will find that the output coordinates from cursorPoint are sometimes different from the one shown in base map (the correct one). I actually found that X is… (Show more)
For some reason the Derive new locations analysis function works in my web map, but not in the associated web mapping application when used as a widget. When I try running it, my javascript console reads "Uncaught type error, cannot read property getMap of null". Interestingly, the "find existing locations" analysis widget (which seems pretty… (Show more)
I want to acquire the user's current position to use it in different functions. Locate widget works perfectly but I am not able to get the latitude and longitude from it. Are there any alternatives to Locate widget? web-apps arcgis-api-js-4.16 geolocation
Dears   I have set of different coordinates in an excel file. I am processing this excel file through java script API. I am trying to find the nearest feature(using ESRI javascript API) corresponding to each coordinate in excel sheet. the nearest feature  I am looking for is in a map service(layer) published in arcgis server and accessible through… (Show more)
Hi, I have created a feature service layer on my arcgis online portal and hosted it there also. Now I want to use this feature service layer on map through arcgis javascript api v3.2. Now I want to pass username and password through code and can access feature service layer as I don't want to ask credential from user.     Can you please provide… (Show more)
Hello Community -   I am looking for some guidance on how to approach authenticating active directory domain users against a secure ArcGIS Server map service.  Knowing there are several approaches, please note the following:     The application needing to consume the secure ArcGIS Server service is a custom developed web application using the… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello,   Recently I needed to upload a file to a geoprocessing service using the ArcGIS JavaScript API V4 but had trouble finding a concise road map on how to achieve this. After knocking my knees on the undergrowth I am writing this blog post so you can travel the road in comfort.   I note that others have provided information for this using v3… (Show more)
Why when I rendering with Arcgis GraphicsLyaer 8000 polygon it taked about 35seconds and very small in rendering frame per seconds while navigation with it drawed graphics if I use for this 2d Map, but better with SceneView(3d).?  For example if take a look to MapBox rendering this 8000 polygon it take only about 7-10 sec and very fast in drawed… (Show more)
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