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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Click to view contentsetDefinitionExpression is including the resultOffset and resultRecordCount parameters that are causing the service query to return No records found.  If I make the same query without these parameters it returns records.   How can I eliminate these parameters from being added to the query when I set the definition expression?  or How can I get… (Show more)
Hi everyone,   I have a python toolbox tool I want to use as a geoprocessing service, its a pretty simple script, it goes through a folder of rasters and extracts values at each one according to x and ys provided by the client. I want the extracted values returned to the client, but I'm a little lost on what needs to be done on the script side to… (Show more)
I am looking for a way to add a where condition (attribute) on a ArcGIS REST API FeatureService Layer applyEdits request The idea is to filter the applyEdits executed on client side (ArcGIS JS Web App). The user can see everything and modify as well but the request must be intercepted and checked if the applyEdits are allowed against an attribute… (Show more)
I have ULRs created by my organisation I need to link to ArcGIS Pro to create Feature Classes that are updated on a weekly basis.   I can convert these URLs to geojson files and import the data using the JSON to Feature Class tool but need to remove these steps and have my feature classes update automatically or on refresh.   What's the best way… (Show more)
Click to view contentI am trying to direct connect to a table on an MS SQLSERVER 2008 slice. I would like to create an x,y event layer to display on a web map using the JavaScript API. I am, however, receiving an error message when I attempt to open the table:   Error reading OID from table. Reading rows has been stopped. Check that the datasource is valid. OID… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello, I'm publishing a tiled service based on a raster but even I set bilinear interpolation for a better quality my service looks like this: How can I smooth my image? Thanks, Naty
I am working in AngularJS and ArcGIS for Javascript API 3.14.  I am having an issue with getting ArcGISImageServiceLayer to work with an image server. However, we also have a MapServer of the data instance running as well, which works just fine.  We want to get the ImageServer portion running, because it does run faster. Below is my code snippet. … (Show more)
We are using ArcGIS 10.4 with an Oracle datastore.  I have a feature class that has some default values for some attributes.  When I go to publish the feature class as a feature service, I hide several of the fields.  When the user saves the data, the fields that were hidden get a <null> value rather than the defaults I set.  I can't find a reason… (Show more)
Hello ESRI Team,   I have a question regarding the datastore 10.6.1 with ArcGIS server 10.6.1.   The below is full information about my issue:   I have two machines one for server and another one for data store when I configure it with machine name and the common name I faced the below issue with red indicator:   << the connection property set… (Show more)
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