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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Hey, I am very new  to WebApp Builder. I have a requirement where i need to query from Oracle Database and show the result in widget. Is this posibble to do .   In the tabular data i need to have a button on that click it should zoom that point .   Thanks in Advance.
Hello,   I have noticed that the returnUnformattedValues and returnFieldName parameters of the REST API is not working for the Identify on MapServer. Is there something special to enable to make it works? The doc says that it was added in 10.5   I took a screenshot of a request made to the REST endpoint. I have put a red rectangle around an… (Show more)
Hi,   I would like to increase the number of features per tile in a FeatureServer hosted on ArcGIS Server. I have followed the tutorial described here: Error: Layer did not draw completely because there are too many features to display  in order to increase the maxRecordCountFactor parameter but I got the following error:   {  "error": {  … (Show more)
We have hundreds of map services published on our server and they all have the default setting of schema locking enabled. We want to disable schema locking on all of them. We know we can change the service properties for each service either through ArcGIS Server or ArcMap, but is there a way to automate this process through scripting so we don't… (Show more)
My ArcGIS server is suddenly having problems and the log files say "error getting service / rest"   This randomly occurred as I was not even working on these maps for weeks and was on a different offline project. The file seems to be working fine in arcgis online but not directly from my portal.    Any suggestions?
Click to view contentIam trying to use the Print API of ArcGIS Javascript API 3.29 to print the map with the legend. Iam having issues in the output that is generated. My actual layers have legends like      But in the output print I get the following incorrect legend   I cannot see the names of the layers like Layer1 and Layer2. Is this a bug or am I missing… (Show more)
I'm using the ArcGIS API for JS to query a Feature Layer hosted on ArcGIS Server. I'm trying to include a variable name in my "where" statement. For example:   var params = new Query({   returnGeometry: true,   outFields: ["*"] }); params.where = "PropOwner = 'City' AND Location = commName"; In the above, I'm querying buildings where the Property… (Show more)
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