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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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I publish a new service name with AGServer 10.5 without problems, but I run my program I have an error "Unable to get property _getInfo" in this Service Name. I can't get access to show visibility of layers in the New Service. I have more services Name and I dónt have problems. I use Api Javscript 3.23.   Can I hel me?   Thanks you 
With 4.6 version of JSAPI, many events that we could hook into for the GraphicsLayer and many other things like Map,etc have gone away. How can we tap into and event when graphics are added to a graphicslayer on a map or how can we implement something like this pulsing graphics layer - JSFiddle in 4.6 since similar events on Map are no more… (Show more)
Is it possible to do 'OR' in the WHERE clause off the Query method of a map service. We are running into errors when providing SQL like this :   WHERE ( OBJECTID IS NOT NULL AND OBJECTID LIKE '%fdas%' ) OR ( ID IS NOT NULL AND ID LIKE '%fdas%' ) OR ( Label IS NOT NULL AND Label LIKE '%fdas%' )   This seems to be legal SQL, and the documentation… (Show more)
Our IT manger has recently asked me this, has anyone else experienced this?  It is constantly sending requests to this ip address  
I am running ArcGIS Server 10.5. I have one server (GIS01) which is randomly rebooting itself. Portal for ArcGIS was also running on this server. Portal has crashed and all attempts to revive it have been unsuccessful (repair function, delete and reinstall software). Our only use for Portal is a public facing web app. I have created a temporary public facing web app on AGOL. We have also hired a GIS contractor to build and host a new public facing web app. My problem is solving the random rebooting of the server. My thoughts are to rebuild a new server site and transfer services etc. to the new site. Advice and comments are much appreciated as I am not very experienced with ArcGIS Server.
I am trying to manage legend items to enable or disable in export web map task. I have two different system, one is arcgis server 10.2 and the other one is 10.5.1. I am testing the same map template in booth servers. The result printing legend is including Layer Names in version 10.5.1 but Layer Names not included in version 10.2. Both are using… (Show more)
I'm trying to add the World Street Map basemap to my server, for offline usage. Is there supposed to be a way to download a file (mpk) of it?   I've also opened the map from World_Street_Map (MapServer) in ArcMap, then tried to share it as a service to my instance. But, when I try to Publish, I get error 00005, "Layer type is not supported". I… (Show more)
I am trying to direct connect to a table on an MS SQLSERVER 2008 slice. I would like to create an x,y event layer to display on a web map using the JavaScript API. I am, however, receiving an error message when I attempt to open the table:   Error reading OID from table. Reading rows has been stopped. Check that the datasource is valid. OID… (Show more)
Hello Everyone, is it possible to add a featureclass mapservice as a base map in esri basemap gallery with existing basemaps in arcgis js api and also can I see the pop-up information of layer onclick event?   Thanks
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