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ArcGIS Server with JavaScript API

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Hello ESRI Team,   I have a question regarding the datastore 10.6.1 with ArcGIS server 10.6.1.   The below is full information about my issue:   I have two machines one for server and another one for data store when I configure it with machine name and the common name I faced the below issue with red indicator:   << the connection property set… (Show more)
I've been trying to see if there's a way to essentially better translate desktop scaling levels to a web service.  I have a project that I'm supporting and, while you can zoom in or out on the .mxd side at most any scale, the most I've been able to find as far as scale references for the server-side is that, whatever you set, it… (Show more)
We have a requirement for search with owner name in the query widget. For this to achive we have done the following steps.   1)We have a geodatabase created in oracle 12c. Created a table with point feature class which has fields with names. Added indexes for the attributes in geodatabase. 2)Created a map document added the layer in that from… (Show more)
Hi,   I want to dinamically change the file displayed in a raster layer, using javascript API . How can I do that ? I can point to the sublayer, but I can not see this property to change.   import MapView from 'esri/views/MapView' import EsriMap from 'esri/Map' import MapImageLayer from 'esri/layers/MapImageLayer' let mapCtrl let objMap let… (Show more)
Here is the function we currently use to add the point images onto our map:   function addGraphic() { var point = new Point(); point.setLongitude(document.getElementById("lon").value); point.setLatitude(document.getElementById("lat").value); var infoTemplate = new InfoTemplate(); infoTemplate.setTitle("Population");… (Show more)
I built a simple program that let's the user type in the latitude and longitude in user fields and then click a button and it puts a marker on that point in the map.  I want to be able to use picture files (like png or jpg files) instead of a symbol.  When I try to replace the markerSymbol in my code with a PictureMarkerSymbol, it does not work.  … (Show more)
I'm using ArcGis 4.11 java script api. Is there way to connect the lines between two coordinates with smooth flow?    Thanks in Advance
We've switched to HTTP2 for some other non-gis web applications and it has proven to be a performance booster.  I wondered with all of those tile loading in the client for our map apps, if it would have the same effect?  Has anyone upgraded to HTTP2 on their Arcgis server, and if so did you noticed or measure any performance improvements?
Does anyone know if there is a way to get the feature class name for the underlying feature class data source being referenced in a published map service layer using the ArcGIS JS API. The underlying data source for the map service is a registered enterprise database. Once the map service is loaded into a map instance, I'm trying to figure out if… (Show more)
Looking for validation or other ideas.    I have a GP service that I'd like to throttle the total number of requests for every hour.  My current solution simply writes to a text file registered on the AGS server site each time a request is made to it:   Current Datetime Running Count   So any subsequent request of the GP service it will get… (Show more)
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