ArcGIS Earth 1.11 is here!

Blog Post created by Xi_Chen-esristaff Employee on Oct 2, 2020

ArcGIS Earth 1.11 has been released on Oct. 1. To learn more, and to download ArcGIS Earth, see the ArcGIS Earth overview or Microsoft store.


What's new


This release includes new 3D capabilities, supports for new data types, and user experience enhancements. Here are a few highlights:


Sunlight and shadows: You can layer dynamic sunlight and shadows on scenes that can be labeled with the time and date, in any time zone.

Underground navigation: Go underground or under the sea with new subsurface navigation tools.

New data support: Expand your workflows by adding GPX, WFS, and GeoJSON to your ArcGIS Earth workspace.

Updated bookmarks: Create and manage multiple bookmark groups and add more context to your bookmarks with customizable informational pop-ups.

Symbology: Start using the new symbol types: Type (Unique Symbol) and Counts and Amounts (Colors).


Issues addressed


Please see the below key fixes that are included in this release.


  • BUG-000130179: ArcGIS Earth support to embed the URL link within a KML file.
  • BUG-000129768: KML Network Links that throw a P3P error will cause ArcGIS Earth to crash.
  • BUG-000118831: ArcGIS Earth 1.8 displays the first layer only when a hosted feature service with multiple layers is added via Add Data from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1.
  • BUG-000122676: Installations of ArcGIS Earth on specific Windows SHB configurations are not able to decrypt the ArcGIS Runtime license string, resulting in the "Licensed For Developer Use Only" watermark to be displayed.
  • BUG-000129620: Drawing a line data in ArcGIS Earth (desktop) at a higher altitude does not honor the Draped (clamped to the ground) altitude property.
  • BUG-000133000: ArcGIS Earth 1.10 sign-in fails to portals configured to use the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authentication with a public key infrastructure (PKI).


Known limitation





Shadow on terrain is not supported in ArcGIS Earth.


Daylight animation with shadow effect will not function well if you lock/unlock screen or change screen display during daylight analysis process.

Underground mode 

Camera control might get sensitive while navigating data under the ground.    

Underground mode 

There might be gaps on the basemap after enabling underground mode. 

Underground mode 

With Atmosphere effect on, changing ground transparency might cause rendering issue. 


If the feature layer is from a portal item or inside a group, adjusted symbology will be cleared once you exit ArcGIS Earth.