NOTICE: ArcGIS AppStudio Deprecation Information – September 2020

Blog Post created by clesueur-esristaff Employee on Sep 21, 2020

NOTICE: ArcGIS AppStudio Deprecation Information – September 2020


The goal of AppStudio is to bring native app creation tools to all ArcGIS users. If you peel back the technical layers of the AppStudio stack you will find various components such as the Qt SDK, Android SDK, Apple Xcode, and ArcGIS Runtime that enable things like cross-platform development and geospatial mapping tools. These components are development projects in themselves, each with release timelines and retirement dates. This blog post is an update on some recent and future software deprecations. We hope this information will help you in planning your strategy when developing AppStudio apps and supporting your users.


AppStudio 2.1 Cloud Make Servers Shutdown– Effective September 2020
This is a notice that the ArcGIS Cloud Make servers that supported previously retired AppStudio 2.1 and ArcGIS Runtime 10.2.6 has been taken offline. Please see this blog post for more detailed information about the AppStudio 2.1 deprecation.


Android 5.0 – Deprecation Q4 2020
AppStudio 4.4 is scheduled to be released in Q4 2020 and will be the last release to support Android 5.0. After the release of AppStudio 4.4, the minimum supported version will be Android 6.0.


Ubuntu Linux 16.04 – Deprecation Q1 2021
ArcGIS AppStudio 4.3 supports Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. ArcGIS AppStudio 5.0 is scheduled to release in Q1 or 2021 and at that time we will deprecate support for Ubuntu Linux 16.04. AppStudio 5.0 will have support for Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.


Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps – Deprecation Q1 2021
AppStudio 5.0 is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2021 and will not support building Universal Windows Platform apps. AppStudio 4.4 in Q4 of 2020 will be the last version to support UWP. If you are delivering Windows apps in the future it is suggested that you use Windows 64 bit builds.


Windows 32bit Operating Systems – Future Deprecation
For users who are running AppStudio apps on Windows 32bit devices, it is necessary that you have a migration strategy to move to Windows 64bit devices in the future. The Qt Company is ending support for building Windows 32-bit apps with the release of Qt 6.0 in Dec of 2020. ArcGIS AppStudio will stay on a Qt 5.x version until at least the end of 2021 which will provide Windows 32bit support.


ANGLE Rendering Support for Windows Apps – Future Deprecation
When AppStudio moves to the Qt 6.0 framework the ANGLE graphics rendering option will be deprecated, currently, the target date for this is Q1 2022.