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Hey everybody,


Whenever I create a mapping application from scratch I start out with the same question, what basemap will I use and what extent will I use? This results in looking up each basemaps name and trying to find the right extent.


After that I need to know which modules to load, to make sure my require works.


To make it easier on myself, I created an app in which I can choose my basemap and also look for the right extent. Once I have accomplished this, I can click on "Go to require" and add any module I need to start my app.


Try it out and Get your map!


If there is a specific require that is missing and you think needs to be added quickly, leave a comment.


To Do List:


- Add requires that were added since 3.17.

- Automatically add domReady!

- Add dojo theme choice.

- Include some basic code and html code when adding some dijits (i.e. Homebutton)


Version 4 update:

- I have added a require builder to the tool (Originally created by Derek Swingley) . I fixed a bug in his version and it seems the support stopped at version 3.8. Once you are done with getting your extent and basemap, click on "Go to require". I am using html5 to bring over your map constructor.


Version 17 update:

Added home button div, code and style.





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